Nanami Momoita is a 14-year old girl, the first member of the Pretty Love Warriors, and is known as Spirit Joy when she is transformed. She is also the leader of the Pretty Love Warriors.

Nanami Momoita

Appearance Edit

Momoita is a tall, thin girl with pale skin, magenta hair, and pink eyes. Her long hair is always tied into two pigtails. While untransformed, she usually wears a t-shirt with a flower on it and a pair of shorts or her school uniform. Her transformed outfit consists of a grey-blue bodice with a frilly pink collar, puffy magenta sleeves, a magenta skirt with pink and white frills and purple bows, white gloves with flowers on the ends, white socks and pink shoes, flower earrings, and a large pink bow on her head. She also has a few freckles on her nose.

Personality Edit

Momoita is a cheerful, peppy, ditzy girl. She has a vivid imagination, is very playful, and has a mischevous streak. This can seem annoying to some, and she is often picked on by others. However, she does her best to stay positive and happy. She embodies happiness, and always tries to help and cheer up those who are sad.

Trivia Edit

-Her last name is a play on the Japanese word momoiro, or pink. Her first name, Nanami, means "seven, beauty".

-Her design and outfit were based off of the characters from Precure, a magical girl anime.

Image Credits Edit

THIS WAS NOT DRAWN BY DIEANANAS. The image used was drawn by Hapuriainen on deviantArt, and you can play the game here:

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