Aiko Akino is a 13-year-old girl, the second member of the Pretty Love Warriors, and is known as Spirit Patience when she is transformed. She is also of mixed Hispanic-Japanese descent.

Appearance Edit

Aiko Akinora
Akino is a short, small girl with medium skin, red hair, and red eyes. She has very long, straight hair, which is usually down. She also often wears a white barrette in her hair. When untransformed, she usually wears long, flowing dresses (usually red), or her school uniform. Her transformed outfit consists of a short red dress with a black stripe and neck, and lace at the bottom. She also wears red fingerless gloves and red and white shoes with white ankle socks.

Personality Edit

Akino is a calm, wise girl, despite her being the youngest member. She always knows how to calm people down, and is very wise beyond her years. However, she has an enormous sweet tooth. She is the embodiment of patience, keeping in tune with her calm demeanor.

Trivia Edit

-Akino was named after two Japanese pop stars, at the request of the creator's friend. Originally, she was a young popstar. However, this idea fell flat. Akino is also a play on Akairo, or the Japanese word for red.

-Her outfit and design is based off of Powerpuff Girls Z, a magical girl anime version of The Powerpuff Girls.

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